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The Evolutionary Edvantage of Creative Destruction

The theory of evolution based on natural selection has a shadow in our minds. We always believe that the creature with the most muscle, significant size, or the who has the fastest speed is successful and can pass its genes to the next generation. It may be true in some examples. Still, the point usually hidden in these examples is that these characteristics are the most compatible with conditions. Indeed, we are talking about the survival of the Fittest, not the biggest.

Our current understanding of survival of the fittest goes far beyond a hypothesis for originating species to a theoretical framework that explains every living thing. Inevitably, all social institutions, governments, cultures, companies, and even people will cease to exist if they cannot adapt continuously to new conditions. In other words, if they are alive and expanding, they have shown the most adaptation; one of these things is Capitalism.

From the day Adam Smith wrote the Wealth of Nations until today, multifarious ideas for people’s coexistence have been experimented with. But what makes capitalism so flexible and universal with all its flaws? To answer this question, we return to Joseph Schumpeter’s idea: “Creative Destruction.” Creative Destruction is more than a starting point for new businesses and investment opportunities. It is a capitalist mechanism to adapt to ever-changing human conditions. It seems we unconsciously destroy all institutions and entities incompatible with our current living circumstances, and we will replace them with an adequate method.

Based on Schumpeter’s idea, Entrepreneurs with the tool of innovation do creative Destruction to keep our flexibility high in humanity’s new conditions. At the beginning of the 20th century, 20 million horses were living in America, and 2.5 million pounds of horse excrement were produced in New York alone; the prediction at that time was that America would soon be drowned in horse excrement, fifty years later the number of horses in America was 3 million receipts, Because of an entrepreneur called by Ford. Uber, Tesla, Zoox, and so many other players are working to solve similar challenges; However, some jobs will be destroyed, and some games will be changed; we still need a much more effective and more suitable mobility industry to survive climate change, energy crisis, overpopulations, and so on. 

It’s hard not to draw lessons from this perspective for our personal lives, businesses, and communities. The living conditions of people today have so many parameters, and the uncertainty is high. By looking at the life of our ancestors, a strategy can be adopted: Momentary Adaptation. It is the only facilitator of our tied life. Maybe it’s time to stop defending our old-fashioned ways, open the way for new ideas more than ever, stop resisting changes, and join the innovation movement, for our species’ sake, for ourselves and our children they faced with current and future super crisis. We must destroy many procedures, institutions, and many and make many new things through innovative methods. 

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