Hello World!

My English is awful. After eighteen, the age that I become aware about myself and was taking decisions by my own, at the beginning of each year I spoke with myself and said: “This year I gonna put myself in the middle of English, and DONE this shit for my entire life”. Now I’m twenty three and this is the another beginning of the year, and I repeat this sentence with myself again, and I hope until the end of the year I get somewhere in English, to safely update my English status in LinkedIn: Fluent!

So, despite my Persian Blog, which is accessible on https://ansari.blog, I do not have this expectation to share my knowledge or discuss subjects that matter to me, I just want to write about anything in order to improve my English skills, I wanna use new grammar, new vocabulary that I learned and feel free to being off-subject of my Persian blog.

And how can you help me with this journey?

Simply, Remind my mistakes, and ideas to improve my writings. Also, we could talk about the content or having a discussion in English. I will promise to myself:

1- Do not use any spelling or grammar check platforms during the writing process.

2- Do not use Google translator for sentences. (It’s allowed for unknown word)

3- I have this permission to use Grammarly, once, after finishing my writing, to solve dictation and grammar errors. I won’t change the structure, choosing better vocabulary or anything else to showing my English writing is good :)

4- I oblige myself to write two essays each month (at least).

I hope this solution, works! put down comments or email me if you have a better idea or suggestion.

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